Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bankside Boulders, Tooheys Forest

With time at a premium, we decided to stay close to home and visits the Bankside Boulders at Tooheys Forest. These boulders have been made more accessible thanks to the development and cleaning by Bruce Taylor see

We headed for the 'Tippy Boulder' and did a few of Bruce's problems, Sister Nell V0 and Rainbow Warrior V3. We then decided to look at the obvious line between the two problems.

Evan was first to send Mid Strength V4 which starts on the side pull near the pocket in the middle of the photo above, up to a small rail with your left hand, feet up then left again to crimp on top of boulder, mantle to finish.

Nick looked at the obvious sit start on the rail above the bouldering matt. Head up and right to the next rail. Move to the holds either side of the light section in the photo above. Feet up then move to the small pocket. Slap for the top and mantle. There's no holds on the top its a mantle or nothing. this project was going to go at V4/5 until Evan snapped the only decent starting foot hold off.

We then moved to the Nom Nom Nom boulder, did Brendan Heywood's Nom Nom Nom & Num Num Num.

Brad (Nick in Picture) then started on his project.  Starting on 'Sasquat' .............

moving left above the mouth using a cross over move on side pulls, and finishing up Nom Nom Nom.

If you stick to the smaller side pulls, we think this will go at V5 ish?

See you!

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