Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bouldering Cave

Well, its nearly done. Nick and Evan, with help yesterday from Callum, have nearly finished the training bouldering cave. With just the kickboard, a bit of painting and then the holds put on to go.
Here's a few pictures of the boys efforts. There's a great breeze that comes under the house which will mean training won't be such a chore with temperatures in the mid 30's here in Sweaty Brisbane.

The first section, minus kickboard.

The boys put the first of the steeper section forming the roof in place. We plan to have lots of problems on the wall but also a few circuits so we can do laps.

Don't drop it Evan......I'm looking for the bolts.


Well thats the latest on the training cave. We are off climbing now so that's your lot. Until next time. Happy climbing/bouldering.

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  1. How did the plan for laps go? Did the layout work for circuits?