Saturday, 9 February 2013

Oh those happy 'Training Days!'

Now the we have spent all our money on climbing holds, yes my daily glass or two of wine has suffered terribly due to the 'Wine funds' being diverted to the 'Holds funds' jar, we are making best use of our new training facility.

With Gustavo away in Tasmania looking at the stars, Marguerite (is that Marguerite the French Rock star you may ask?), decided to join our two cheeky chappies at Brisbane's best bouldering venue (well it may well be when the matting arrives).

La belle Marguerite démontre finesse française sur les mouvements puissants

aller Marguerite, ne vous inquiétez pas, nous avons ce qu'il vous repéré!

The boys pushed on aided by Scarpa's new and extremely responsive 'Boostics'

However fatigue and Nicks bad coffee soon took its toll (Nick says its having Ben Moons School Room holds on a 50 degree wall when they are made for a 40 degree board and not his coffee thats our problem!) Marguerite was heard to say......Bonté ces deux ne sont pas assez forts).

All good walls should have Ben's holds on them......

So it was down to Fergus to demonstrate how its done.

However even Marguerite had to admit, well lets hear it in her own words....."Je dois admettre que c'est un très bon endroit pour pratiquer"

Fergie "Thats were your hand needs to be"
Marguerite "Oui Fergie alors vous pouvez simplement passer à la cale rouge!"

Nous les gars, jusqu'à la prochaine fois. Escalade heureux!

grimpeurs en détresse

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