Sunday, 10 March 2013

Will it ever stop raining

So much for "You'll be glad to get away from the bad weather in the UK!"
Will it ever stop raining here in Queensland? Climatologists predict that these extremes of weather, Australia is either on fire or under water, will become the norm. This hasn't impressed our two cheeky chaps at all. With stories abound of perfect conditions back in Northumberland, beautiful blue skies, crisp days with perfect friction for climbing, they have found themselves having to train on plastic instead of getting outside. That said they do have an amazing board to train on with several V6 to V10 problems to keep them interested.

The mats have arrived (THANKS BAM), more holds have been purchased, and the sound system fills the air with tunes made for climbing to.
Now that this section is nearly complete, there's  talk of a 'Moon Board full of School holds.' Comments like "Well you have the wood and plenty on School Holds" has left your cheeky chaps with plenty to contemplate over the coming weeks. 

The Bolton Boy demonstrates just why a 40 degree Moon Board makes more sense than using the School Holds on a 50 degree overhang.  

Joining the chaps this week was Gustavo, our Brazilian crimper! Fresh from his part bouldering part investigating the 'Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte system' (albeit from a location that makes it difficult to see anything unless you have the eyes of a Haliaeetus Pelagicus) trip to Tasmania. Gustavo had been devastated to find the rock around Curly's Bar on 112 Murray Street, Hobart was crap! 
Apparently though "The sky looks beautiful from there honestly Marguerite!!!!", Yeh "especially when you're full of beer" replied our two scoundrels who are well averse with justifying their drinking trips as well.

Well with the rain set to continue, it looks as though we'll be on the plastic for a little while longer­čś×

Cheers and safe climbing.

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