Saturday, 27 April 2013

Old Farts Escaped Out.

Your two cheeky chappies from the mother country headed out looking for some very steep overhanging rock having spent a lot of time training at their wall. Here's some pictures of the 'Super Steep Wall'

The Boulder is very different to a lot of the rock we have found in these doesn't break too much when you pull on it.
Nick on the start of 'Witness the Brittleness' V11
Up to a 3 finger tip Crimp with your left, then drop down with your right onto a horrible little side pull.
After popping left off the side pull for another crimp  you follow 'Kiss my Witness' V6 to finish by throwing left again, (you also run out of useful foot holds).
Topping out isn't much better. Don't fall. getting back up the bank on broken ankles won't be much fun.
Coffee time.

There's also a nice V4 here starting on the rail and side pull 'Silent Witness'

And a V6 'Kiss my Witness' starting on the side pull low down and finishing up 'Silent Witness'

Well we'll be back to this wall soon to see what more we can do. We've decided we need another couple of mats though, two isn't enough, and we plan to explore the boulders on the hillside overlooking this wall.

The coffee is great in the nearby town of Samford.

Enjoy your bouldering/climbing......StrandedClimbers

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  1. Have to hit up this place with you lads. Thought both of you had left town! Gimme a buzz