Friday, 28 December 2012

Another day bashing at the Coil.

With hope that it wasn't going to be too hot, we set out to look for new rock to climb on. Brisbane isn't well known for having an abundance of quality rock, but that doesn't deter us from trying to find new or forgotten bouldering areas. However after 2 hours of bush bashing with no luck, and with thoughts of 'why can't we be back in Northumberland' becoming stronger, we gave up decided to return to the OCD boulder at Coil Preservation Reserve.

Jake was first up repeating Ferg's problem at the far left of the boulder where the tree had previously been.

Brad completed his traverse which started around the left corner of OCD. Using a small pocket with your left hand and a side pull low down with your right (holds that were previously obscured by our friend the tree), move right to a good hold at head hight, match, sort your feet out then span for a small side pull. Cross over and top out. 'Ripe for eliminates' goes at V2, Nicks idea to using the small crimps instead of matching, goes at V4 (project).

Nick then completed a problem he had been trying on boxing day.............

'Saturday night finger' goes at V4...............

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