Saturday, 15 December 2012

Training- Update....the bouldering cave is starting to take shape.


I'd like to say that I had been working hard with Nick and Evan building the bouldering cave...but I haven't. Instead I have been moving house again. This time just locally though and not to another different country, although we are all missing home a lot at the moment. Anyway here's some images of the wall. It should measure 3.6m wide and 5.2m long, about 20m² in total. There's a 400mm kick board then a 45⁰ overhang leading to the roof section.

When we haven't been able to get outside we get down to Brisbane's Premier Climbing wall. The air conditioning at 'The Rock' (at The Spot on Sandstone Place in Parkinson phone 07 3809 4100), provides welcome relief from the summer weather here in Brisbane and a good place to train. It's staffed Scotty, Jonny, Nathan, Olivia, and the team, a great bunch all of whom climb. Its also a very friendly, non pretentious place to climb with new route setting on a very regular basis using CLEAN holds from Walltopia, a manufacturer that's very popular in Europe and who make a massive variety of holds for some of the best and biggest (30m high) climbing walls back home in the UK.

(I must mention Rockworks here, who make great walls and have built several venues close to where I'm from in the UK see (

A great little roof section here to use on lead nights!

How CLEAN do these holds look.

It was great to get down to the wall late on Wednesday to find that it had just got quiet. (Evan and Fergus getting ready). A nice crowd of climbers soon arrived at the wall. Great atmosphere!

My favourite section. Just use the features. No holds allowed.

Thank goodness for the 'BeastMaker'. Is this how Dan Varian got so strong? Its a must for any good home training regime We have spent many an hour on one of our beastmakers....

And on the campus board. You wouldn't believe how long it seemed to take to get the frame for this up on the wall....

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