Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day at Coil Preservation Reserve

Boxing day in the UK is traditionally a day for climbing/bouldering with mates. It's a means of justifying the excesses of the previous day. With this in mind, and with temperatures only reaching the mid 20's, we set off for an evenings bouldering on the OCD boulder and surrounding area. 

On arrival we found that some kind person, or more likely one of Brisbane's violent storms, had pushed over (disposed of) a old tree that had been growing at the far end of the OCD boulder. With the old tree gone, well it was lying on the boulder so we moved it, and then set about cleaning more of the boulder to expose 5 new problems in the V0-V5 range.

Here's a few photo's.......

Fergus made a standing start to 'Ferg's problem' at V0.

Brad put a sit start on it at V2. (Left hand on left side pull, right on the small crimp and pull up. Only left foot on, flag with right).

Nick added a new problem with an extremely low sit start right next to 'Ferg's problem', at V4 called 'Bad smells at Christmas'.

We then moved back from the OCD boulder to 'Freddie day out boulders'.

Nick added a sit start to his 'No More Smelly Fat Pants' V2. (We are discussing a grade as it shred's your skin).

Whilst Fergus did 'A Toast to Jake the Snake' at V0.

Well that's it. I'll be posting some photo's of our bouldering wall (for those back at home), bouldering gym (for those here in Brisbane) shortly. When I say our, its Nick and Evan who are doing the hard graft....nothing changes. Looks like it may well be the biggest cave, roof complex in Brisbane.

Happy Bouldering/Climbing.


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